We created a set of typed notes on all aspects of haematology while we were studying for the British FRCPath exams.  These amount to around  120,000 words of text and we have uploaded them onto this site because we both remember having a pretty tough few months studying for the exams and would like to help those following us, if we can.  We are also writing a few questions which we hope you'll also find useful.

Obviously, there are some mistakes on this website - the notes come with a warning - they are simply the notes we used to revise for the exam and have not been extensively checked (however, we both passed the part 1 and 2 using them).  Most of the information on this site is derived from the BCSH guidelines and standard texts, so we would strongly advise you to use the original source if accuracy is important.  

We would be really grateful if you have any recommendations and if you find any inaccuracies or things that need to be improve or updated please email us (jenny or james@ihaematology.com) or use the box at the bottom of each page (we also have a facebook page you can post on).

Best wishes,

James and Jenny